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The most widespread and largest cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. But there are about 700 more. In general, most people talk about Bitcoin, because it is the most "known" crypto. With other, smaller currencies, however, significantly higher returns are possible! Learn how successfull people earn money by investing in cryptocurrency assets. Buy this eBook now & get maximum price gains by getting the right training in cryptocurrencies, because without proper information and trading, losses are not excluded!

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You've probably read a lot about bitcoins and how the price is currently jumping up. But do you know how Cryptocurrencies work and what unique opportunity you have right now when investing in Crypto? One thing is for sure: there will 100% be no future without cryptocurrencies! I will show you ways how you can start earning money by successfully evaluating the right cryptocurrencies to invest in. I will teach you, how to find out wether a cryptocurrency has potential or not.

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What awaits you?

What we want to teach you:


Learn the Basics. What are cryptocurrencies and how to invest in them.

Crypto Analysis

Learn how to analyze the crypto market. Technicals & Fundamentals.

Maximize Profit

Use our investment knowledge & tips to increase your profits to a maximum.

Avoid Mistakes

Use the knowledge and our tips to avoid fundamental mistakes.

I will show you Strategies how I invested over $1,376,000 in secure cryptocurrency assets.

In every state of the market there are opportunitites.
Learn how to calculate the risk,invest smart & take the opportunity for financial gain.

About the Author

Who Am I?

After Investing in the traditional financial markets for a few decades, I've been through both bull and bear cycles in which I've learned to master. Since first learning about Bitcoin in 2013, I've been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency community.

I am a serial Crypto Entrepreneur founder of a few known websites and tools for traders.

Through my Journey, I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs, that helped me learn the way of Crypto Investing. I wrote the eBook on In that eBook I share my personal knowledge and strategies I learned through the years.

Avoid Mistakes, make Smart Investments and let the money work for you!

Crypto Veteran


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Tom C.

Healthcare - Pharmacist

Excellent read! Had I purchased this book sooner, I would have saved a lot of time and money. A must read for anyone starting out on their cryptocurrency journey!

Ashley C.

Crypto Entrepreneur - Attorney

This terrific, easy to read and understand e-book will tell you everything you need to know about getting started in the cryptocurrency world of investment. No jargon or hype, just useful information for both beginners or even for those who already have knowledge like myself. I highly recommend this book.

Tobias S.

IT Systemadministrator

Great concise introduction to the world of crypto currency trading. Cryptocurrencies is a different asset class unlike others and one needs all the help to navigate and profit from this rapidly growing space. I wished I had a guide like this when I started out, it will have saved me countless days reading and researching about this new exciting market.


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No, absolutely not! I will teach you how to invest wisely and build your wealth over time by investing into crypto. My aim is to provide a good & easy to understand crypto investment guide with fundamentals, analysis & personal tips!
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